Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Happy Dance and Other Peculiar Dog Behaviours

You ever notice, dear dog owner, the never ending optimism of dogs as they follow you around the kitchen, hoping for a treat and you never ever fed them out of your hand any people food … It is particularly odd for Calvin as he has this weird trained behaviour of not eating any human food in the house even if I drop it. Unlike outside in restaurants where anything below knee level is fair game …

Calvin follows me all around my kitchen, and not just follows me but insists on being right behind my feet or standing between my legs at optimal tripping angle. He never ever gives up so it is a good thing I can not see his expression as I would surely fall for the sad eyes.

I also love the happy dance he does when it is feeding time … he stands in one place and tap dances like he is about to get steak or has to really pee …the click click click of his nails is so rhythmic …hard not to smile and be happy.

And why, dear reader, does he not hear me when he is directly next to me during guide work or obedience work but if I am at the other end of the house and I even touch his food bowl he comes barreling from inside his kennel at lightning speed …

(oh, look who just came out of his bed to take a drink ,,, it is after ten pm young man, who do you think will be taking you out in an hour … good night Calvin)

Why is it they insist on cleaning themselves on their you-know-wheres and then insist on licking your face … Sure I pick up his poop, sure I stick my hand in his mouth if he eating something other then kibble, sure I brush his teeth, rub his tummy and clean his paws from the rain but even humans have their limits … I mean this kid even eats gum off the underside of tables at restaurants, yes you read correctly …ggggrrrrrr-oss.

Next time we will discuss why they think they are children and really behave as such … sleep well my friends and dream of big bowls of kibble

Calvin and human david

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Thanksgiving Thoughts … a week Later

I had some thoughts on what my first US Thanksgiving as a Naturalized Citizen meant to me … they are a week late for a number reasons but mostly because life has been busy but in good ways … I have little time to write these things, later at night is a most reflective time. It is so late that Calvin just crawled off to bed which means he must really be tired because he hardly leaves my side …

As interesting as the last almost two years have been, and it is difficult for me to think about where I was when this crazy ride started and where I am today because it makes me wonder where I will be in two years, or in eight or so when I may have to retire Calvin .. I am thankful for him every day and all the incredible people who brought him to me …

People, that is what I am most thankful for. I am appreciating all my loyal friends, my entire family and my co-workers who have supported me over this roller coaster.

I am thankful for their past, present and future support, friendship and their continued good health and improved health.

I am thankful for those friends I have made on this recent journey, people who do not know the meaning of give up or surrender. They truly define chutzpah. They know who they are and I am thankful they have come to help so I may perhaps help them and others.

OK, I am also thankful for the Habs, that the Giants won the World Series without Barry Bonds and of course for the Allouettes showing the Canadian folks that it was NOT a fluke last year and if you want to try for a third round, bring it on, sorry K.

Cheers and may everyone get a tummy rub, Calvin seems to really enjoy them

David and guide dog Calvin