Monday, January 24, 2011

Everyone is a doggone critic

Recently I started to get Calvin used to being home alone, in his kennel. I started slowly and made it up to about 30 minutes, maybe 45. I recorded the room so I could listen to what happened whilst I was out. I also, based on Guide Dog's advice put on the radio so he had some company of sorts.
Upon my return, he seemed no worse for the experience, as usual was very excited to see me as if I had been gone five minutes or five days. There was no pee or anything unusual in his crate, although I am told they will not do that in their own space. Good enough.

So I sat down to some lunch and played the recording. He was completely silent except for a few minutes in the middle of the time.

Oh, yes, did I mention that the Bee Gees were playing on the radio during that time.


If I failed to give credit to my niece, I do it now for coining the phrase, "I have been Calvinated" … she made this up in reference to getting full of his hair … he is shedding now so I am in constant state of Calvination.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Calvin new Sharks mascot

Calvin has been hired as the Sharks new lucky dog and mascot. I have been to 5 games this year and the Sharks are 4-1. Tonight they broke a 6 game losing streak with Calvin and I there.

Just thought you blog readers would appreciate this and know he is available to rent for your favourite team ...

Oh, and Calvin loves sauerkraut, if that is how one spells that ...

Just a short blog for now,
David and CalvinSJ Doggie

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ski For Light...really, Calvin and I are going to the snow and the elevation of Colorado

Speaking to a very close relative of mine recently I realize I have been remiss in sharing some travel plans that Calvin and I are planning later this month. Well, in reality Calvin has not had much to do with the actual plans other then to say over and over again “do not forget my food Dad … and my toys … and my bed … and my food … did I mention the food?”

Anyway, this is a trip that I had to miss last year. Was sort of kind of a little preoccupied with stuff. There is an international organization called Ski for Light, jfgi.

Go ahead, JFGI.

They put on local and international cross skiing events for blind and disabled people, or as E would say peeps … They also do down hill skiing but I am not quite there yet …

Anyway, they get about 150 volunteer sighted guides and 150 blind folks who want to do some cross country skiing, and you have a week of adventure. I have heard great things from friends who have attended, some with some very outstanding results and I am eagerly looking forward to the week.

Each day features early moring yoga, followed by exercise class, breakfast, skiing, lunch, more skiing, dinner, evening programs and then some form of entertainment, dances, hot tubbing etc …

I am working on getting more in shape for this week, - Calvin and I have started a Karate class. More like I take Karate and Calvin whines and cries because he thinks I am being attacked … but I think I had that in my last post …

Anyway, Calvin is doing great. Tonight was a difficult night as I went to a company dinner and he had to wait for dinner until very late and he is a little annoyed with me – he is currently not talking to me.

Back to the skiing trip – no Calvin does not ski with me, He stays in the room, orders room service, orders movies on the pay per view and makes prank calls to Australia ….

The SFL organization actually gets dog walker voluntters but I have special treat for Calvin and myself. My fantastic puppy raisers, sorry did that again, Calvin’s puppy raisers live in Colorado and they will be hosting for a couple of days and then joinig us for part of the week to get some special Calvin time …

The week should be great and I will hopefully have some pics to post and my laptop to blog a bit …

Check out their website for more details and wish us luck

Calvin and David, human waste engineer

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Poop Happens, but in a pocket?

I once agin apologize for such a long lapse between posts, lots has happened most importantly a visit from my brother and niece, or as Calvin came to know them, toys and a place to shed, I mean REALLY shed … My very intelligent niece came to me one day during the visit and said she had been “Calvinated”. The image fits perfectly as I now try to use a lint brush to take off some calvination from my clothes. Good thing those things are only a buck at Target.

Some other recent events and thoughts.

As the title of this post suggests, I was taking Calvin for a early evening stroll today and as we walked, rather briskly as usual, he all of a sudden pulled over for a “pit stop”. This was an unexpected stop as he had already pooped a lot today. I guess the cool air and the quick pace stimulated him in more then one way. Anyway, he did his things(s) on someone’s lawn, as best I could tell as by this time it has become rather dark. Now usually I would pick up the poop, in a bag and leave it there if I could not find a garbage close by or take it with me if we were close to home. Neither of these were the case so I bravely put the bagged poop in my hoodie pocket. I could carry it in my free hand but I use that for signaling turns and forwards to Calvin and the bag swinging seemed to distract him. Well, it must be love or a great respect I have for him because not only did I put the bag in my pocket but I forgot it there and came very close to busting the bag on the walk. The hoodie is safe but just to be safe it is going in the wash and I may have overwashed my hands a bit … He did not seem to get the commitment but he did do a great job on the walk, blew by three dog distractions and found home without any trouble …

Other news – Calvin and I, certainly myself, are very much looking forward to a trip to Colorado at the end of the month for a Ski for Light event – essentially it is a cross country skiing trip to a town called Granby in Colorado … As a huge bonus, we will be visiting and staying with Calvin’s puppy raisers for a couple of days before the week of skiing and they will be joining us for a few days to make sure Calvin gets the attention he wants … I continue to be amazed by the loyalty, commitment and care the puppy raiser community has for their jobs, or rather passions. Thanks guys, Calvin will have a great time …

One funny story, that happened recently and I can look forwad to it happening every time I practice my Karate.

Recently I started taking Karate, just a few sessions so far but I am really enjoying it. Calvin I am not so sure. He gets pretty restless while I am training and I had to put on his gently leader for the last class to keep him calm. But when I was home this weekend and started to practice my first Kata Calvin went absolutely nuts. Jumping all around, running between legs as he does when wants to play and jumping up trying to kiss, or attack me.

Now this is the kind of reaction I have tried to get out him during play and it works to some extent but the karate really seems to get him riled up. When I put on music and try to dance around he mostly just sits right down and looks at me, probably saying, “Dad, you look silly, please stop … you just can not dance” or it appears I am in some kind of serious pain and he wants to make sure I am ok … either way, the Karate gets him playing like nothing else… it may be hard for me to really practice but I, for now, still think it is really cute.

Overall, things are going very well with him. He has filled out a bit, seems to be stronger, more solid and still maintains his boying figure …

He still maintains the everlasting optimism for food and is the happy morning alarm clock I needed in high school. He has truly made me a morning person, and an afternoon napper.

And no E, that is not a dog belly button …